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How Evergen works...


Evergen’s Intelligent Control software, developed in partnership with the CSIRO, works with highest quality battery and solar panel manufacturers like Tesla, Alpha ESS & LG.

It makes smart decisions about your usage, weather, energy prices, and 42+ other things to help your system perform at its best. 

With our software, systems perform ~20% better and last longer, meaning you get your investment back faster and enjoy the benefits for longer.

How Wattwatchers works


Wattwatchers develops smart meters and controls that plug into the major energy consumers in a house or business (e.g. Hot Water, AirCon, Pool, etc) to measure consumption from these devices. This allows Evergen customers to see where their energy is being consumed (part of our education mission), and also allows the Evergen Intelligent Control algorithms to make even better decisions.

Working together

If Evergen customers save on average 80% on their energy costs already, we think the partnership with Wattwatchers will take us close to a 90% average.  In addition, as the network infrastructure moves to be smarter, having these controls in their homes allows customers to earn revenue from the grid for controlling their loads.
As an example these smart systems could programmatically turn off Evergen controlled AC or Refrigeration for 5 minutes across thousands of homes to stabilise the grid and stop blackouts.



Take back control


Centralised coal powered grids no longer make any sense, the enormous costs to distribute power from centralised locations is not only bad for the environment but also bad for the economy.


Take control of your energy future and request a quote for a system with Wattwatchers, battery retrofit, or to understand whether our intelligent control or retail energy subscription will work for  you!


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