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For so many businesses, electricity has never cost so much.

Demand has increased and supply often unreliable.
Being green and sustainable has also become a priority.
If you are in the process of auditing or upgrading your energy infrastructure, it’s never been a better time to adopt Evergen.


“Electricity prices have doubled in the last 10 years”.
Source: Australian Energy Regulator, Ausgrid Network 
Energy Trilemma

The business of energy

Over the last decade, the energy industry has been transformed by technological innovations that drive a more convenient, efficient and ecological infrastructure. We are seeing many businesses adopt intelligent energy technology such as Virtual Power Plants and Microgrids. They are taking action now, with a longer and a broader view of investments and strategic decisions about energy. They are looking for business transformation opportunities in the way their business manages, procures and uses energy.

What makes Evergen different?

Evergen offer businesses the ability to seek protection from rising prices of energy, a sense of control, and a simple, sustainable solution they can trust.

A partnership between the CSIRO and AMP Capital, we were founded with a vision of lowering the cost of energy for all Australians, using clean, renewable power and intelligent technology.

Evergen designs and installs commercial energy systems comprising of solar power, batteries and intelligent energy management software developed and backed by the CSIRO. Interconnected with the grid, your business has the ability to store solar power for when it’s needed and provide a cleaner and more reliable electricity system.

By 2050, it is estimated that customers or their agents - not utilities - will determine how over $200 billion in system expenditure is spent and millions of customer owned generators will supply 35-45% of Australia’s electricity needs”

Source: CSIRO research- Minimising customer bill increases in a decarbonising and decentralising electricity system




CSIRO smarts

Unique to Evergen, energy intelligence developed by CSIRO uses algorithms to maximise energy savings.

Your access to energy intelligence from our CSIRO developed software provides an incredible level of sophistication, allowing for deep insights and control of your business energy needs. We are the only system with energy intelligence developed by the CSIRO to deliver increased performance from your system. The panels and batteries we use were all tested from some of the biggest names in energy, including LG, Alpha ESS and Tesla.

Now that’s a story worth telling!

Weather forecasting  |  Taffif awareness  |  Consumption prediction  |  System health

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